Creating the Touch User Experience for Smart Surfaces

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UltraSense developed the world’s smallest and most integrated 3D ultrasound sensor ushering a new era for user interfaces to be reimagined.
The paradigm shift from mechanical to digital continues to evolve. Now virtually any material, with any thickness can become a button or gesture.

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It’s what’s beneath the surface that creates the experience

Any material, any thickness
Any Material. Any Thickness
Thick metal, glass, plastic, wood are no match for ultrasound
Any material, any thickness
Eliminate False Triggers
Unique 3D ultrasound sensor technology and machine learning are breakthroughs that have challenged competing strain gauge and surface acoustic wave solutions
All-in-one sensor
Highly Localized Touch Area
Focused and controlled ultrasound beam with force sensing makes touch areas super precise and responsive, ideal for buttons even with gloves and external cover cases
Super low power
System-on-Chip (SoC)
One Sensor = One Button
Transducer + ASIC in a monolithic silicon die. Designed for standalone operation from Host processor
Super low power
Easy Integration &
Sensor attachment to the product’s enclosure in production is a quick and simple calibration and is a one-time self-calibration test taking mere seconds
Multi-functional user interface
Tap, Tap & Hold, Multi-Tap, Swipe...

Not just a button, a whole user interface

  • Multifunctional interface using just one sensor
  • Selectable sensitivities depending on application
  • Discern touch input materials (finger, latex, cloth)
  • Sense through dirt, lotions & natural oils
  • Water rejection
Single Tap
Single Tap
Double Tap
Double Tap
Tap & Hold
Tap & Hold


Our TouchPoint sensors use revolutionary 3D ultrasound technology to turn any surface into a button or a gesture

Sense through stainless steel, ceramic, glass, leather, plastic and wood to create a new user experience. No more mechanical buttons, enclosure cutouts, waterproofing or the need for special surface materials.

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Mobile Phones
Appliances &
Home Automation
Medical & Industrial